Founded in 2013, team principle Jamie Going set up the team to sister his already
successful car tuning business Jam-Sport, the purpose of the team was to take boy racers
off of the street and onto the race track. Since then it has gone from strength to strength.
In 2018 our team expanded to accommodate 16 drivers across three championships:
The MINI Challenge Championship, the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship and The BRSCC Fiesta Championship.

Full time mechanics in our Northampton based workshop tend to our cars all year round, not just on race weekends. This allows our drivers unlimited access to track days at any track around the UK to help them further their careers. Our drivers are encouraged to spend time in the workshops, this gives them a better understanding of the cars and the mechanics. This also helps our technicians to receive more in-depth feedback from the drivers. A bespoke race simulator room has also been built giving us the edge over many teams, drivers are encouraged to attend and learn the tracks and cars pre-race.

Every driver that joins the team becomes part of our ‘Jamsport Family’, which creates a
warm, relaxing and friendly atmosphere, allowing our drivers to perform their very best. The knowledgeable team that has been built up throughout the past six seasons are the key to our successes. This includes: our highly skilled technical engineers and mechanics that have experience in all areas, high profile driver coaches including British Touring Car Vice-Champion Tom Ingram, helping our drivers with track skills as well as helping them to understand the data from their cars and not to forget out professional management, which has a wealth of experience, from the running of championships to racing in them and understanding the rules of motorsport. At race weekends our double awning truck allows plenty of space for the cars, equipment, hospitality area equipped with a kitchen, as well as a quiet office area inside the truck for our drivers to use, whether its for meetings, data or simply to relax.