Weekend Report by Bruno Costa


Bruno Costa

I've learned that no matter how many bad or good days you've had or will have in your life, because there are really only two truly important days: "The day you were born and the day you find out what you were born for." For from that, your bad days and failures become learning and your good days and victories become proof that you have learned and evolved, so nothing else becomes impossible!

It's been a while since I discovered my purpose, I'm a racer! And it doesn’t matter if I have skill, money or fame, because I have the love, the determination and the courage to be a racer!

With this I would like to dedicate some sincere words to the JamSport Racing team. A team that was born from the dream of a man with the same purposes in which I spoke above, team that was born for races, a team that lives and dies for the races, a team that has discovered its purpose.

Jamsport Racing is a team that wins, loses, succeeds, fails, but remains invincible because it never gives up or surrenders.
We fight, we angry with each other, but ultimately we help, cheered and hugged each other, which proves that we are not just a team, we are a family. Where it doesn’t matter if you are a driver, a mechanic or a team manager. We are all Racers!

We had a very challenging weekend where we raced at Pembrey Circuit with BRSCC Fiesta Championship The BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship and Oulton Park with MINI CHALLENGE UK, but we made it and despite the difficulties we proved once again our competence in being fast, leading races, winning, making fastest laps and Lap record.

I would especially like to thank Stuart Gibbs for the consoling words to my colleague, my respect for you tripled after that Stuart!

I’d like to thank Melanie O'Neill-Going, Andy Jones, Ashley Hinton, Richard Coppock, Lindsay Hudson and everyone else for their hard work and strength in Oulton Park.

Thank Phil Waite, James Hamilton, Maisie Bates and Richard Dawson for the excellent work that drove us to success in Pembrey.

By the end I’d like to thank you Jamie Going for your leadership and contagious strength.

May God bless the Jamsport family.

By: Bruno Costa

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