Graham Field


BARC Renault UK Clio Cup

Graham FIeld
Graham Field (GBR) JamSport Renault Clio Cup
Graham Field (GBR) JamSport Renault Clio Cup
Graham Field JamSport

Full Name 

Graham Field (aka Racing Driver Extraordinaire!

Date of Birth

13th May 1959

Where do you live?

Southwell Nottinghamshire

Where can we find you on Social Media?

Twitter @grahamfieldrace

When did you start racing and why?

After receiving a birthday single seater gift experience  & loving it I subsequently saved up, attended & graduated from the Jim Russell Racing School at Donington along with a number of other drivers including a then young Paul Rivett.

What is your racing experience so far?

After doing a few single seater races I quickly ran out of money but returned to the sport later and participated in mostly Ford based Championships up until 2012 when I started racing in the UKClio Cup... I've been quickly running out of money ever since!!

Tell us about your successes in racing so far

I have a cabinet full of trophies in respect of various podiums and wins.. its a cabinet that`s also full of memories and dreams!

What are your hopes for the 2017 season?

In 2017 I hope to participate in the UkClio Cup once again I want to improve on last year and win the Masters Cup (for drivers over 34yrs of age and for which I just about qualify!!!)

What attracted you to JamSport, and what do you look forward to in terms of racing with us?

I was attracted to JamSport for a variety of reasons not least of which; they have passion, enthusiasm, technical and engineering expertise, great facilities and offer support & encouragement.  Since joining them though I very quickly realised there was something else... they are a family who care and have a great spirit and a big heart. I look forward to racing with them as they are professionals who treat me equally, they are serious about their racing but importantly we have some good fun along the way.

What are you future ambitions?

My ambition for a long time was to race in the Clio Cup and I still have to pinch myself as I can`t tell you just how lucky and privileged I feel to be able to do it. Its cliche but I really do think I've been able to live the dream.As for the future...for me.. its NOW! I want to be where I am enjoying the moment in the here and now and not looking too far forward, at my age time goes by all too quickly and I want to savour of much of it as I can and lift off as little as I dare.

Graham Field (GBR) JamSport Renault Clio Cup
Graham Field (GBR) JamSport Renault Clio Cup