Lochlan Bearman

Full Name 

Lochlan Bearman (aka Lochie)

Date of Birth

22nd January 2002 – I’ve just turned 15 years old

Where do you live?

Near Epping in Essex

Where can we find you on Social Media?

Instagram: @LochlanB36 | Twitter: @LochlanBearman | Facebook: /LochlanBearmanRacing | Website: www.lochlanbearman.com | youtube.com/channel/UCmeg-65kSDktsNd0nL0Qx7w?nohtml5=False

When did you start racing and why?

My dad bought a kart for fun to use with his friends and I got really interested so when I was 6 he bought me a kart and I was hooked straight away.  Here I am at 6 years old www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b0M_3FTTDY&t=8s

What is your racing experience so far?

I started racing in Honda Cadet and won the Championship in the first year I raced on a 7 year old chassis. I’ve won 2 Honda Cadet Championships, 2 Mini Max Championships (1 won the first in my first year of Minimax) and I won the British Schools Karting Championship with my school and I was fastest of the 72 drivers on the day.

Tell us about your successes in racing so far

5 karting Championships, a couple of Championship runner up and 3rd places also. 4th in my first year of Fiesta Racing which was mainly done outside of a recognised team. I also competed twice in Europe in Junior karting when I was 12 and was leading British driver in the final when the bumper broke off. I’m proud of my competitiveness in Europe as neither the team or I had been before and the grids were huge. I’m also proud of my cadet and 1st Minimax Championships as the grids were 25+ and to win over 12 rounds (48 races!) is very satisfying. I also set a lap record.

What are your hopes for the 2017 season?

I was disappointed not to finish in the top 3 last season and believe that with a reliable car and a good team I can compete for the Championship – that is my objective for 2017.

What attracted you to JamSport, and what do you look forward to in terms of racing with us?

JamSport are super successful. The team is organised very professionally and there is lots of backup for the driver. For me this means I can focus on my driving, on getting the extra from myself and the machine, and knowing that all the resources are available to do this. 

What are you future ambitions?

Like many drivers I dream of being Formula 1 world champion. I really would like to race single seaters –  To me it just seems the purest form of the sport – well, closest to karting where the racing is awesome.