Olly Turner

Full Name 

Oliver Jon Turner (aka Olly)

Date of Birth

9th October 2002

Where do you live?

Evesham, Worcestershire

Where can we find you on Social Media?

Instagram: Olly.Turner22 | Twitter @ollyturner | www.ollyturnerracing.co.uk

When did you start racing and why?

I’ve always loved cars and wheels and could be found at many tracks from an early age supporting my dad who raced American Baby Grand, even at Rockingham back in 2004, as the support series for ASCARS. I was fortunate to be given a choice of what I wanted to race, it was either karts or a 4 stroke motor JASCAR (Junior American Stock Car Racing) on short ovals. I chose JASCAR at age 9, mainly because of my interest in NASCAR at the time ( they race anti- clockwise too). I soon felt like it was a good start point, as it was extremely competitive, fast and had a similar driving position to a kart but the feeling and protection of a car. To help my move from ovals to circuits  I raced a Nova junior Hot Rod where I learnt clutch control (and to drive clock-wise! this added to my bank of race experiences). My passion for racing comes from the adrenaline surge that pumps through your body, and the amount of physical and mental preparation involved. Not only that, it is more than a hobby, it is part of who I am and a way of life.

What is your racing experience so far?

RTS Junior Hot Rods, JASCAR All Star Championship, local karting club league.

Tell us about your successes in racing so far

Scottish Champion, British open champion. I’ve had countless wins in my career including karting wins. I was 2014 Down-Force Radio Young Gun driver of the year. This is what got me into circuit racing, as I got the opportunity to meet Jam Sport and FJC and my journey with IZone begun. ARDS passed at 13 years old. 2017 Ginetta Junior Scholarship finalist at 14years old.

What are your hopes for the 2017 season?

My hopes for 2017 are to make the successful transition to circuit racing and to be a front runner in the Fiesta Junior Championship.

What attracted you to JamSport, and what do you look forward to in terms of racing with us?

The teams work ethic, knowledge of car geometry and the facilities. I look forward to making new friends and memories with you guys, and hope I can do you all proud. Roll on 2017...

What are you future ambitions?

I want to race professionally at Le Mans 24 hours and race in Blancpain GT. Since I watched the film ‘Le Mans’ I’ve always dreamed of racing there,  and I know that I will with hard work and the determination I have.

olly and ollie