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   Who We Are.


JAM-Sport Racing, sister to JAM-Sport UK Ltd, kicked off in 2013 where we joined the Ford Racing Fiesta ST Championship. JAM-Sport UK always worked within the Motorsport Sector over previous years, but felt it was time to take a step further in pushing the brand, which is now where JAM-Sport Racing has evolved.

Our first year in Joining the Fiesta ST Championship we ran with 2 cars, one of which was driven by Owner/Director, Jamie Going. The start of our first season didn’t come without some teething issues, as with anything new, but we soon overcame these and really proved ourselves as a new team in the paddock. By the end of the first season we’d had some good results and were looking forward to the start of the 2014 season.

In 2014, JAM-Sport Racing gained additional team drivers, increasing our presence on the grid in both the senior, and now junior championship with six cars in the team. With some great results and podium finishes, we quickly grew and began looking to progress to the next stage of Racing. The opportunity arose for us to enter the last few rounds of the Renault UK Clio Cup for the remainder of the 2014 season; this was a big leap for JAM-Sport Racing in our development and we knew that getting results right off the bata was unlikely, so we used this opportunity to set us up as best we could for 2015. The characteristics of the Clios were very different from the Fiestas we had gotten used to, so we had a lot to learn.

The 2014 Fiesta season was a great year for us with some great results in both senior and Junior and a great progression for the next year.

2015 saw us with more team members in the Fiesta series along with JAM-Sport sponsoring the championship. Not only this, but now we had made the next step in joining the Renault Clio Cup for 2015, with a 3 car line up for the season and the determination to get as high up the grid as we could with the little experience we had. We learned a lot over the start of the of the season and really progressed within the second half, including some driver changes, but this didn’t phase us; only made us more determined as a team to do better.

2015 saw JAM-Sport Racing become Fiesta Junior Champions as well as runner up! We also placed 2nd in the Senior Championship with 3 of our other drivers finishing in the top 10.

2016 is shaping up to be our most promising season yet, with an 8 Car line up in the Fiesta’s, and a 5 car line up for the Renault UK Clio Cup. Outside the race track, we have a big move to our new premises and general expansion, we’re so excited to see where this year takes us. Touring Cars maybe!!? Along with this we’ve also joined forces with Team HARD for 2016 to help provide a ladder for aspiring drivers to progress their way through motorsport.

Come see us at one of the many rounds over this year and join in on the fun!


   What We Do.


JAM-Sport Racing can offer the following services for any race driver.



Please Contact Us for any requirements or questions you may have.

  • Car Building
  • Setup & Preparation
  • Team Support
  • Testing
  • Instruction
  • Data Analysis
  • Repairs
  • Engine Building & Tuning
  • Simulator Training
  • & much more