2019 has been a very successful season


2019 has been a very successful season for us as a team and all of our drivers. We had drivers racing in the MINI CHALLENGE UK JCW championship, The BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship racing with MRF Tyres and BRSCC Fiesta Championship. They finished in the following positions:

MINI Challenge Championship:
Ben Palmer finished in 4th Place & was 2nd Rookie
Thomas Rawlings finished in 9th Place & was 3rd Rookie
Harry Gooding finished in 10th place & was 4th Rookie
Kenan Dole finished in 15th place and was 7th Rookie
James Griffith finished in 23rd place & was 2nd in Directors Cup
Stuart Gibbs Racing finished in 24th Place & was 3rd in Directors Cup

Fiesta Senior Championship:
James Waite finished in 3rd Place
Ryan Faulconbridge Racing finished in 4th place
Jamie Going finished in 5th Place
Adam Durant finished in 12th Place
Joel Ryton finished in 13th place
Jason Lockwood didn't score points due to only racing the last round

Fiesta Junior Championship:
Olly Turner Racing was crowned Champion
Alfie Glenie Racing finished in 3rd place.

A huge well done to all of our drivers and every member of the team for their hard work and dedication making all of this possible.

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